Sunday, January 23, 2011

January 23

Today is my first workshop!  I became a demonstrator in November.  It will take place in my new stamping studio in my house.  I am so excited but yet at the same time I am a little nervous......I have everyones make and takes readsy to go.  I have samples and prizes!  I want it to be a great experience for my customers/friends:)  I have chosen simple projects that I believe will inspire everyone to want to stamp more.  I want to share with them my excitement for what I do.  Stamping is fun and I want them to see that too.  So I am eager to hear what my customers think about stamping after my workshop.  I also hope that some will even want to book their own workshops!!!  Wish me luck.  I will keep you posted......

Like Shelli Gardner says " Remember three things:  Keep it simple.  Do your best.  Have fun.  Remember always that SU! is all about loving what we do, then sharing what we love."

That is going to be my new motto:)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

January 20th

Very tired today:(  But of course never to tired to stamp:)  Still need to work on my blog site and really start doing some projects on My Digital Studio.  I'm so excited about that!  But of course kids and their needs come first so I haven't had a minute to do anything but mommy stuff.  Hoping to get this blog site up by this weekend.  But definitely need the hubbie for help with that.  He is very good with computers, unlike me:)  Hope you all have a great day full of stamping and crafting:)  I did want to share this with all of you, I love it!

Great especially if your a demonstrator:

  Want a little - place an order!  
  Want a lot - host a workshop!
  Want it all - become a demonstrator!

 Isn't that great:)


January 19

Been stamping all day with my upline.  She is wonderful!!!  We made some great projects which I hope to post soon, real soon:)  All kids were with nannies all day.  Mommy needed a day off and it was wonderful:)  Just got My Digital Studio and can't wait to use it.  Will probably be up all night trying to figure it out:)  Then try to wake up bright and cheery tomorrow....don't think so:)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

January 18

Working more and more everyday on my own personal space to stamp and craft.  Almost done!!!  I will post pics of the finished product.  It is so exciting for me to have my own space to do my stamping.  Somewhere that is mine and I can work in peace.  Well relative much peace can u actually get with six kids constantly needing your attention...not much:)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

January 4

Well so far I've been busy as a bee and I actually got to shower.....WOW!!!  I'm expecting two packages from Stampin' Up today and I can't wait.  Pretty sad when you are on a first name basis with the UPS guy:)  I love ordering things online and then when they come in..yes, instant happiness!!!  My husband, on the other hand, see it a little differently - lol.  Still on the prowl for people who would like to host a stamping workshop with me.  So you may be getting a phone call:)  Then I have a "webinar" @ 3 for Stampin' Up - Booking For Success.  This is my first webinar.  Don't know exactly what the heck it is or how it works.  But just saying it makes me feel like its important - haha!!  Let ya know how it goes with that.  Will post more later, Peyton is pouring the dog water all over the floor!   UUgghh.......good thing she's so darn cute:)

Late night/Early Morning January 4

Well I just stamped cards for my card swap at the end of January.  I'm trying to be ambitious!!!  Then I ate a piece, okay two pieces of Edwards Hershey Pie.  That is some good stuff!!!  If you see it in the store buy it, try it and you'll love it:)  Now I'm finally off to bed or the couch.  I love to watch the disney channel and fall asleep.  I know the disney channel - what????  Well w/ six kids that watch it all the time I'm kinda hooked.  Could be worse it could be Barney:)  LOL.  Planning on making a million phone calls tomorrow if my babies cooperate (the 2 and 3 yr. olds).  And of course stamp!  I love it!  Have a great night.

Monday, January 3, 2011

January 3

Well today I got my epidural in my neck and it hurts:(  So I haven't gotten much stamping business done yet.  But hey the night is still young - at least for me.  Sick I know:)  I have the book-a-thon for SU to do and I'm so excited to start doing workshops.  Anyone intestested let me know and I would love to plan it out with you - girls night - WOOHHOO!!!!!!!  I'm going to get the rugrats to bed and then get my mojo going and do some stamping and try to make some phone calls to book those workshops.  With sale-a-bration (a promotion SU is running) it couldn't be a better time to have a workshop.  There are even more incentives and free product for hostesses and who doesn't just love free stuff.  Wish me luck on the bedtime ususally takes a least a hundred tries to get them all to bed:)  Have a good one.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Evening January 2

Well I'm so tired.  Like I'm sure everyone else in the world.  There seriously is never enough time in a day to do everything I want.  Sound familiar?  I went to try to find one of my stamps - no where to be found!  Until I looked really hard and realized my two year old got a hold of it and was trying to flush it down the toilet!  Guess I'm not using that stamp anymore. 

So excited to start to get together my stuff for all of my January swaps!!  Ask me when I'll find the time to do it tho. LOL.  Tomorrow I have to go for an epidural in my neck  - oh joy:) NOT!!!!!! Thank god for my husband who always takes off work when I need him for stuff like this.  Gotta love him! Off to put the rugrats to bed which is a job all on its own.  Parents you know what I mean.  Then hopefully I CAN get to some stamping - WOOHOO!!!!!

January 2

New to this whole blog thing.  I hope I can make it interesting.  I have six children and I LOVE to stamp.  I am a demonstrator for Stampin' Up.  So this blog will follow how I try to manage the love for my children and my love of stamping and some other stuff along the way.  My first big blog will be tomorrow.  Hope you all enjoy reading it!!!!