Sunday, January 2, 2011

Evening January 2

Well I'm so tired.  Like I'm sure everyone else in the world.  There seriously is never enough time in a day to do everything I want.  Sound familiar?  I went to try to find one of my stamps - no where to be found!  Until I looked really hard and realized my two year old got a hold of it and was trying to flush it down the toilet!  Guess I'm not using that stamp anymore. 

So excited to start to get together my stuff for all of my January swaps!!  Ask me when I'll find the time to do it tho. LOL.  Tomorrow I have to go for an epidural in my neck  - oh joy:) NOT!!!!!! Thank god for my husband who always takes off work when I need him for stuff like this.  Gotta love him! Off to put the rugrats to bed which is a job all on its own.  Parents you know what I mean.  Then hopefully I CAN get to some stamping - WOOHOO!!!!!

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